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Fuck livejournal. I havnt posted in forever. [14 Nov 2010|01:16pm]
Time carries us away
from all the places we have come to love;
just wishing we could stay.
But maybe that's not the point.
What makes this all so god damn beautiful
is knowing that its bound to fade in time.
If you listen you can hear the wind talking to the trees,
like words of quiet angels, or so I'd like to believe.
I don't know where I am going.
I don't know where I want to be.
But as long as I have a soundtrack
I'll make it there breathing.
And so it comes, the heavy rain...
The storm we've all been waiting for
to wet our hearts and make sense of this pain,
from standing still for far too long
(from holding out and holding on to all the things
you know will only hold you back in the end)
..like you're just holding out for something better
to steal you from these tired days that you don't want.
What are you hoping for?
Miracles happen all the time, so where is yours?
The rain, it never lies.
Writing its secrets on the window pane.
You lose your focus in the subtleties of its poetic grace.
There's just something about its sadness that makes
you feel okay.
Do you remember that rainy afternoon
when we cried in each other's arms?
When we knew we'd found perfection
but somewhere deep inside,
knew it had come too soon for us to hang on,
or try to make it last.
We can't forget these moments baby,
but our lives are NOW.
Don't lose yours in the past.
Once we find ourselves I swear I'll find you again someday.
But the western wind is calling me
I heard the angels say my name.
My loner heart is aching, so I'll be leaving soon
to start this lonesome journey
when the leaves dance for the moon.
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[01 Sep 2009|02:08am]
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[30 Aug 2009|12:43pm]
miss the part, when we were moving forward now
(On our way down)
But maybe someday, I'll be something more than love
Just know I'll never tell
And when you're on your way down
(Through the clouds)
And you're waiting for your body's re-entry again

We speak in different voices
When fighting with the ones we've loved
We speak in different voices
Why can't we say what we're thinking of

I'm missing parts, now that you've told me everything
(On our way down)
And I was blessed and I've forgotten how to love
You said you'd never tell
And when you're on your way down
(Through the clouds)
And you're waiting for your body's re-entry again

We speak in different voices
When fighting with the ones we've loved
We speak in different voices
Why can't we say what we're thinking of

Not even I will tell...

We speak in different voices
When fighting with the ones we've loved
We speak in different voices
We say these things to know they're real.

To know they're real. Real.
I'll never tell.
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[29 Aug 2009|04:24pm]
I find myself doing the opposite
It shouldnt take this long
Fuck your evergrowing, deformed way of living
but I am sorry
For I am responsible for all of it
I created it.
I am The Reason
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[21 Aug 2009|07:27am]
Hi, Summer?
Yeah, It's Jared...
Umm... Where did you go?
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[16 Aug 2009|10:41pm]
Ive seen lovers dancing in windows
Ive seen Lovers dance
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[13 Aug 2009|04:40pm]
11/18/06 Worchester, MA Palladium

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!
Everyone in the world should be jumping up and down about this!
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[09 Aug 2009|04:10pm]
So I havnt updated in a while.
Lifes goin good
Got a job at a promo company with Geffen Records (lifehouse/gunsNroses/mattwhite)
I get to start that in about a month and a half.
15 dollars an hour = sweet shit
free shows = sweet shit
The Jetta's riding great
and Mark Barone does indeed have the most hilarious icon ever
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[21 Jul 2009|07:45am]
Oh shiiiiitttttt
Got the new jetta!!!!!!
Holla at cha boi!
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pfft haha [09 Jul 2009|10:21am]
Blah blah blah
look at me, im cryptic.
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[01 Jul 2009|10:19am]
In 12 hours from right now. I will be in the same place as Anthony Green himself and he will saranade me with his fellow friends are they like to call themselves CIRCA SURVIVE!!!!!!!

yeah The Recieving End Of Sirens is gunna be there too which will be amazing!
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[29 Jun 2009|04:03pm]
[ mood | Cassela ]

my new band. please check it out and give a listen. and of course. add us!!!!


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[28 Jun 2009|07:59pm]
Thank you Chris Carraba (dashboard confessional) for creating one of the worst albums ever to be played out of speakers.

On a lighter note. Thank you The Early November for creating one the best 3 disc sets to ever play out of speakers.
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[05 Jun 2009|08:01am]
Maybe we
Why don’t we
Sit right here for half an hour
We’ll speak of what
A waste I am
And how we missed your beat again

I swear we need to find some comfort in this run down place,
To breach the gap of this constant state that we live in,
And I’m sure I’m tired

How can you drive on,
(To place us all)
To fit the shape of
(And I pray for)
And they tell you
(you to move on, move on)
Close to what they show you

At this rate, we cant keep up,
(Think about those things I said) 2x
But I sure can't justify
Keep me fueled and i swear ill come

We walk alone
Back home
Back home

You’re almost gone and I’m unsure
(I still see your shadow)
To give you sence to be afraid
(But never your face again)
I remember your presence

I hope to guide you, come down
I hope to guide you to feel this love
I hope to guide you, come down
I hope to...(god)...

I know there must be some way out of here
And all of them will be waiting there
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[02 Jun 2009|09:40pm]
Wow... Beautiful =D
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Not like anyones gunna read this anyway but hey.... [02 Jun 2009|07:40am]
I Cant Take This Anymore
I Wish I could just melt back into the floor
and let you walk all over me
Anything, Anything
I wish I could scream everything thats bottled up in me
Straight into the core of your ear
But I can't.
For you, I'm silent
Oh how I wish I never introduced the two
Who knew that what I created would be the one thing
to kill the love i had with all of my heart
I am Doctor Frankenstein
And I regret it
Every minute
of every hour
Of Everyday
Until this lonley doctor, simply passes away
So Ill sit back and stare at the stars and wonder...
Who? What? When? Where?
And the question "why?" will haunt my dreams and become the worst of my nightmares
And I yell at the lord "how could you let this happen to me? Am I really that bad of a person.
So bad that you would take my passion and the sweetest fruit from the apple tree away from me?"
He mocked me with rainfall
So I'll sit back and watch the cinematic event
Unfold before me
I'll see the perfect glow in your eyes
To which I only I thought I could create
Just a Second chance please
Ive been watching the replays
Taking notes, and figuring out where I went wrong
But for all I know, the timepass has been to long
So I'll sit back and wonder...
If only I didnt experiment
if only I didnt introduce the two
I am doctor Frankenstein
And for that... I lost you
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[26 May 2009|09:54am]
Alright so RSD's last show is at the QVCC in Worchester Mass on Saturday
It's quite possibly the worst place to have alast show since we've never played there but hey! shit happens
Dont ask why we're breaking up.
We're all going on to do bigger and better things. Its not like we punched eachother in the faces and was like. THATS IT! END! We just learned from the experiance we shared together and take it into our new bands

which both fucking kick ass by the way

so if you can make it to the show, we will hug you, and probably hit you for coming that far to see us. peace.
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[25 May 2009|11:39am]
Faded pictures of the life that I once loved
With the flash, the moments gone
I gave up all I had for
Something that never brought me any comfort now
I've been lost too long

Empty pages haunt me and
I can't move on
The words I never said were wrong
I never needed to feel connected
And now I'm only loved by empty glasses
It's gone on too long
I need to find a way to just move on

Deny it, but I am alone here
I always feared this place
I never thought it'd end this way
Deny it, but I am alone
Another nameless face
Deny it, but I am alone here
I always feared this place
I never thought it'd end this way
Deny it, but I am alone
Please don't forget my name
Deny it, but I am alone

I'm tired of you wishing me the best of luck
It's a long ride home, a long ride home
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[20 May 2009|06:28pm]
on Top of working 45 hours in 4 days... the pre-amp in my deck (an aftermarket CD PLayer for your car, for all who dont know...) BLEW OUT! so that sucks... but thanks to 45 hours of work, I can afford this:

Aside from that... life is sweet, livejournal still sucks ass though, the internet is so boring nowadays... someone make it exciting.
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[11 May 2009|09:01am]
So like... Happy birthday to some girl
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